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S32DS EmbSys registers mixup MPC5746R

Question asked by James Murray on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Jiri Kral

First off, I really like the EmbSys register view, it's great!


However, when configured for MPC5746R with e200 core, there appear to be a few inconsistencies. (See attached embsys1.png)


1. eTPU registers aren't all grouped under eTPU like the other modules. (See attached embsys2.png)


2. eMIOS is confusing and appears to use the wrong addresses? (See attached embsys3.png)


I would expect to see eMIOS1 channel 8 registers cascaded as eMIOS -> eMIOS_1 -> eMIOS_1_UC08 but it seems they are presented as eMIOS -> eMIOS_1_UC08 etc.

Then within each channel, it looks like the other channels are there as well???? (See attached emios2.png)


Now, the addresses...  from MPC5746RRM.pdf (See attached emios1.png)  I would expect eMIOS1 channel 8 register B to be at:

eMIOS base + channel 8 offset + register B offset

0xFBE64000 + 0x120 + 0x004

= 0xFBE64124


From MPC5746R.h

#define eMIOS_1 (*(volatile struct eMIOS_tag *) 0xFBE64000UL)
#define eMIOS_1_UC08 (*(volatile struct eMIOS_tag *) 0xFBE64340UL)


From the ref manual, I thought 0xFBE64340UL is in reserved space?

From the EmbSys view, it thinks that UC08 register B is at 0xFBE64464


It's also a shame that the register naming has changed from the way MPC563m.h had it. Previously, the channels were referred to using arrays e.g.


now it appears to be:


without the array and with a definition for each channel.