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MPC5746R-176DS does not come out of reset

Question asked by Folkert Sikkema on Oct 13, 2017
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I just received my new bought set of motherboard, MPC5746R-176DS and PE Multilink FX
and want to start playing. Big thing seems to be: the board is not coming out of reset. Both
the red LEDs for Reset and Porst stay on. In fact: I do not know if that is correct, but the
debugger does not want to make any connection with the target (but the yellow "i am connected
to the target" LED is lit).

I also tried to PROGPPCNEXUS from PEMicro but that one is also not able to make a
connection with my board.


Is there anyone out here who can push me in the right direction?


Regards, Folkert


ps: S32 gives various error codes...