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SPI data transfer using DMA and PIT?

Question asked by Santosh Alagawadi on Oct 13, 2017
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SPI data transfer using DMA and PIT


uC: MPC 5643


1. Want to send 5 SPI commands for 20 times with PIT configuration.

2. Configure PIT0 for time x and PIT1 for 20 * x and send first 5 SPI commands in DMA and retrigger the same set of commands for 20 times.

3. Once 20 iterations completed, PIT1 must trigger interrupt and disable PIT

4. This I am trying to achieve without software intervention, the software intervenation will be after 20 iteration to service the interrupt.

5. I am not able to achieve this with MPC56, How can achieve this? Is there any dependency

6. The PIT0 is not triggering DMA after first transfer, configured the registers in DMA_MUX, Once the PIT0 triggers DMA data transfer, do we need software intervantion or it is possible to send data transfer without software intervation?