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PCA9306GF,115 - VIL(max) and VIH(min)?

Question asked by Sathish Jo on Oct 12, 2017

Hi guys, I am using PCA9306GF,115 bidirectional I2C buffer in my circuit. what is the exact VIL(max) and VIH(min) for this IC as these details are not clear in datasheet. In datasheet , VIL is mentioned as 0.1 x VCC(using 3.3V) . On probing my I2C signals, when the slave pulls down the SDA to low for ACK there measured the voltage level about ~0.9V and still the MASTER understands it as ACK. But as per datasheet VIL should be 0.33V only. How does it work? I need to know exact values for VIL(max) and VIH(min) for this IC. Looking forward for the earlier response.