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MPC5516 Project Wizard / CodeWarrior IDE 5.9.0

Discussion created by Sim Fra on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2008 by CrasyCat

If I open a new project with CodeWarrior IDE 5.9.0 (Project Wizard) for the MPC551x, there is a folder called "Runtime" which refering to CodeWarrior has a code size of 126k and a data size of nearly 29k. CodeWarrior tells me also, that my application has approximately 9k of code and 84k of data. I am using a MPC5516 with 1MByte of Flash and 64k of SRAM.

I want to run the application in SRAM. Therefore I would like to know, where I can shrink my code. Can anybody tell me, what function do the both files in the "Runtime" have? Are these files have to be loaded in the SRAM while the application is running? The files are called "Runtime.PPCEABI.V.UC.a" and "MSL_C.PPCEABI.bare.V.UC.a".

I am not very familiar with the CodeWarrior IDE and PowerPC. So in case, sorry for the trivial question.

Bye, SimFr