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How to use the Clocks tool to change from FEI to PEE?

Question asked by Brett Utesch on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Marek Neuzil

How can I change from FEI (out of reset) to PEE using the Clocks tool?  Am I suppose to create multiple clock configurations (FBE, PBE, and PEE) within Clocks tool to switch to PEE mode? 


According to the MK16 reference manual (v3.2 page 406) , if I need to be in PEE mode, I need to first go from FEI (out of reset) to FBE, then to PBE and finally to PEE.  However, the Clocks tool is allowing me to create a BOARD_BootClockRUN to go directly to PEE.  Loading these clock sources files into my project seems to be working but the generated code only goes direct to PEE and skips FBE to PBE.  How is one supposed to use the Clocks tool to switch to PEE?


Is there any documentation explaining using the Clocks tool to go from one MCG mode to another MCG mode?