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VSync in imx-gst1.0 plugins in official BSP

Question asked by Arnout Diels on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by igorpadykov



I am comparing the IMX6ULL, IMX6SL and IMX6SX (evks) for a video application.

For firmware, I am using the yocto L4.9.11_1.0.0-ga+mx8-alpha BSP.


I can play video through gstreamer on LCD's on all devices, but I'm basically using the imxv4l2videosink on all devices (which seems to be very efficient). But I am still experiencing screen tearing when I do something like "gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc pattern=ball ! imxv4l2sink"


However, I got seriously confused by Yocto/gstreamer/video – Gateworks  and others. As it turns out, the recipe for the BSP uses git://, and NOT GitHub - Freescale/gstreamer-imx: GStreamer 1.0 plugins for i.MX platforms . The two repo's are significantly different.


In the first link, there is described how a "use-vsyc" option can be used to force vsync. However, the "relevant" sinks/option are not available in the repo from freescale. (You can simply search a cloned freescale repo for "vsync", it yields nothing)



Hence my question: How can I ensure vsync'ed (no screen tearing) images when using the official BSP and gstreamer?


Thanks for your reply!