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S32DS generate elf and map file address is offset,how to set S32ds to let it not offset?

Question asked by jinshuai xu on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by jinshuai xu

     Recently ,l find s32ds generate .elf and .map file address  is offset,set below picture

      In project ,l have setted SRAM1 area form  0x1fffb000 to 0x1fffcfff,SRAM2 area is form 0x1fffd000 to 0x1fffefff.

      l know that the variable  "Inca_writecode_ROM2" load address 0x1fffd000, but l want let .elf file address do not offset.Because the next  l will use "Vector ASAP2 " software to import .elf file,so if address is offset ,it will cause software read data is error.

     l have uploaded the project, thank you for you helping.

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