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The problem of brushless motor control in MC9S12ZVMC256MKK

Discussion created by jixiang li on Oct 11, 2017
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Hello everyone,

      Our company intends to use MC9S12ZVMC256MKK chip as a permanent magnet synchronous motor project!We are a loyal user of Freescale, and we are accustomed to configuring the functional modules of the chip with processor expert mode. So, there are some questions for you, thank you!

How to configure the complementary PWM in the processor expert mode, and here is a screenshot of my configuration:

Help me see how to configure, thank you!

If I use a separate channel configuration, There is no problem driving the motor by BLDC, the motor is running normally, as shown in fig.:

But I use the integrated PWM module to configure the complementary PWM and drive the PMSM motor, and so on:

Please help me see how to solve this problem, how to configure?

It is best to provide a FOC way to drive the PMSM motor routines, using the processor expert mode configuration!

Thank you very much, my friends, thank you!