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HELP import existing proj in KDS 3.0 to build C firmware

Question asked by M I on Oct 11, 2017
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I'm new to KDS and KSDK.   

The firmware of some of the products of the company where I work were outsourced & developed by  a different company.


Now I am taking over all FW/embedded SW development.


To transfer & transition all FW assets, I have to setup the IDE they used on my Windows 7 PC which I have done.  They used KDS v3.0.0 and KSDK v1.3.    So those are what I installed.   


On first launch, I setup my workspace to a folder just above the "\Source" folder where all the project C source files are.


On the empty Explorer window, I right-clicked & used "Import -> Project of Projects -> Existing Project Sets", and so KDS 3.0 loaded all the working sets as shown on the attached image.


Next step is to build and create a binary that should behave exactly as the most recent firmware version they delivered to us.

This is where my problem starts.    When I right click one of the working set that I should build first (per their instruction), the Properties on the window that pops-up does not have any "C/C++ Build..." and other C/C++ selection.


The attached image shows side-by-side comparison of my Properties window (middle/left)  and their Properties window (middle/right).


I've also asked them (haven't gotten answer yet) if they are working in "Linux" environment because "Linux" is listed on their Properties Window.


So basically, I can't build anything right now because it seems that the "toolchain" for NXP MK22FX512AVLH12  ARM Cortex-M4 core is not loaded.   All inside the items on my Properties window are "EMPTY".


NOTE:  the 2nd attachment is an error that pops-up everytime on all the MANY times I've imported existing projects.   It pops-up when I click "Finish" button.


What am I missing in my installation?   Is there some “build” or “makefile” or “configuration” file I have to ask from them that I need to load, open, import to my project?


Please help.