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LPC15 MRT IRQ not working

Question asked by Andreas Schnitzer on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by Andreas Schnitzer


on a project with FreeRTOS and RTI i would like to add a MRT Timer.

The debugger shows the timer is running, interupt flag pending but the ISR is not  called.

Any idia?



For a first test a added the example code + the first 2 lines. NVIC_EnableIRQ(MRT_IRQn) at the end of the init fnchas also no effect.


void MRT_init()


    int mrtch;



    for (mrtch = 0; mrtch < MRT_CHANNELS_NUM; mrtch++)





    pMRT = Chip_MRT_GetRegPtr(0);


    /* Setup timer with rate based on MRT clock */
    Chip_MRT_SetInterval(pMRT, (Chip_Clock_GetSystemClockRate() / 20000) | MRT_INTVAL_LOAD);

    Chip_MRT_SetMode(pMRT, MRT_MODE_REPEAT);



void MRT_IRQHandler(void)
    uint32_t int_pend;

    /* Get and clear interrupt pending status for all timers */
    int_pend = Chip_MRT_GetIntPending();