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BLE Disconnect Failure

Question asked by Mateusz Wielgos on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Gerardo Rodríguez

I am using KW41Z with version 2.2.0 of the SDK (framework v. 5.3.3, bluetooth v. 1.2.3) as a peripheral.


With one specific Android device (ZTE K88, Android 6.0.1), gConnEvtDisconnected_c event sometimes fails to be fired. I'm not able to replicate this issue on iOS (iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3) nor with another Android device (Nexus 6, Android 7.1.1).


The flow can be as simple as connect / disconnect (once or multiple times). In the end, the peripheral is in a broken state - neither connected nor advertising.


I used Android's Bluetooth HCI snoop option to gather some logs (connect / disconnect multiple times, see attached). The only weird thing about the last (failed) disconnect is another command sent (LE Connection Update) before receiving Disconnect Complete event from the peripheral. I was able to replicate this behavior multiple times.


Looking at a similar log from another device (Nexus 6, Android 7.1.1), Disconnect Complete event is never abrupt in such a way.


Could this be the issue, or am I on the wrong track? How can I handle this scenario?


Thank you.

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