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LPC11C14 with tft lcd

Discussion created by Jim Wijgerde on Oct 11, 2017
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I just started programming with the LPC11C14 on an OM13003 evaluation board and I'm trying to drive a LCD tft 240x320 with an ILI9341 chip driver (this LCD is from the MCB1700 evaluation board) through SPI .
I'm using the emwin library from the NXP website and it worked on the MCB1700. With the help of 'AN11218' document of NXP I started to port the library from the MCB1700 to the LPC11C14 and I can't get it to work. also the emwin library doesn't work well with the LPCOpen library's that I'm using for my project where I want to integrate the LCD in.


My question is, can somebody help me out with getting the emwin library to work and combining the library's together or can push me in another direction with low level init or other options?