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KSDSK v1.3 flash driver while clock change

Question asked by Renata Levinsky on Oct 10, 2017
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I'am currently working with K26f processor with KDS3.2 and KSDSK v1.3. Core clock is 180Mhz,Flash Clock is 25.71 Mhz as Processor Expert recommends...  I know that it's a high speed clock mode and any flash activities are prohibited in this mode. In oder to solve it ,i have use by CLOCK_SYS_SetConfiguration()  with core clock 120Mhz,Flash clock is 24Mhz, before starting my flash driver (like Flash erase,flash program) activities.But  any way,i receive Flash ERROR_ACCEER error. It seems like flash driver didn't know about core/flash clock changing....

Please help me.