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Question asked by David Thomas on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by ZhangJennie

After using CodeWarrior CWS12v5.1 for months to recompile a project, i suddenly get "L4025 - This limited version allows only 32768 bytes of C code". What is more confounding is that the code compiled & linked ok last night - but the <same> code wont link this morning!


I admit I did correct a path problem with the project - the (project) path in the settings seemed to access the project files along a network path rather than directly on this PC. I reset the project path to my project on this PC, removed all object code and recompiled - to be hit with this L4025 message. I have tried to reset the path via the network as it was, but still cant link the code.


My OS is Win 10. The compiler \ linker version of  I am using is:

      HC12 V-5.0.41 Build 10203, Jul 23 2010  

      SmartLinker V-5.0.40 Build 10203, Jul 23 2010


I got these as part of the freely downloadable HC12S legacy support package, which I thought was free of such size limitations - and even if there was a code size limit, it doesnt explain why the same code linked one day and not the next....?


I think its more probable that I have got an identity problem, where the compiler reckons it is licensed on a networked PC and I have somehow tried to run a project as a local PC user...?


Any ideas? Are there any supporting files or logs I can send to help diagnose?


Thanks for your attention....