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LPCusblib on LPC1837 target

Discussion created by karl stockman on Oct 10, 2017

As an add-on for an existing project, i trying to get my embedded USB2.0 Full speed device working on a Windows machine. Originally the USB host is a Variscite Var-som-mx6 board with a dedicated USB kernel driver written in C.


On Windows i've used the InfWizard tool from tLibUsbDotNet to create an appropriated driver.

In the device manager my device is properly configured, but my device crashes.

After putting the LPCUSBLIB debug info on, i get a GetDescriptor Request irq, while  the Device_STATE_Configured flag is on. 

By putting a breakpoint after the EVENT_USB_Device_ConfigurationChanged() function , i'm able to step through the code and run the USB slave.

Because i'm not familiar with the USB2.0 stack, i don't have clue how to dig further in to the problem.

I've attached to good and bad slave debug output.

Original Attachment has been moved to: HTBS_S_DEBUG_VARISCITE_DEAMON_-OFF.txt.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: HTBS_S_DEBUG_WINDOWS_.txt.zip