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how to add custom high voltage motor power stage with frdm-kv31f

Question asked by shams iqbal on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by shams iqbal

we have build our custom high voltage motor control hardware for pmsm identical to hvp-mc3ph (where we used same components used in hvp-mc3ph without pfc stage) so when we tried to use frdm-kv31f to load high voltage option in kinetis motor suite this massage appears in second attach picture so we want to know that how to use this hardware with frdm-kv31f 
in our final application we are willing to use MKV31F256VLH12P or MKV31F128VLH10P so we are also interested to know that can we use these parts directly in kinetis motor suite for motor tuning where these parts also have kinetis motor library flashed in them we need proper guide for our final application to use these procured mcu parts where our end application is pmsm motor position control for industrial motion control systems