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S32K144 ADC

Question asked by Ravi Ranjan Kumar on Oct 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by frank zeng


   I am working on S32K144 EVB. I want to configure more than 8 channel at a time. I am using PDB trigger in back to back mode. Up to 9 channel it is working fine. but after that I am not getting result. I am configuring PDB0 channel0 for first 8 channel and PDB0 channel1 for next 8 channel. To trigger  first 8 channel I am giving CH0C1.EN = FF, 

CH0C1.BB = FE (PDB0 channel0) and same for PDB0 channel1 to configure next 8 channel. Is it correct ? 


My configurations are ADC_ALTCLK1, 12-Bit Mode, Divide ratio is 4, sample time is 12.


Please help me. waiting for response....


Thanks and Regard

Ravi Ranjan Kumar.