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i.MXD Sabre Board CAD files for Altium Designer

Question asked by James Shealy on Oct 9, 2017

My company is designing a board based on the i.MX7D SABRE development platform. We will be using the official NXP CAD files as a starting point for our design. Our design will be made using Altium Designer. We do not have a Cadence Allegro license, and do not have any plans to get one.


Can anyone in this forum provide me with, or direct me toward a source where I can obtain, a .ALG file of the reference layout that I can read into Altium Designer (the supplied file is in .BRD format, which can only be opened by Cadece Allegro). I have already submitted a support ticket to NXP and worst case, I will wait for that to be resolved. I am attaching the relevant .BRD file to this question.




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