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Question asked by Ravi Ranjan Kumar on Oct 8, 2017
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I am working on S32K144 LPUART. I want to test UART with 921600 baud rate. I am unable to find SBR and OSR values for 921600 baud rate. I checked S32K design studio drivers with these drivers also not coming.


I am communicating with Bluetooth with 921600 baud rate. While calculating, I got SBR = 1 & OSR = 9 for 921600 baud rate. When I tested with Serial monitor this baud rate is working fine, but When I tested with Bluetooth some characters are missing. The Bluetooth is in 921600 baud rate.


Any further changes I need to do. If possible, please tell me SBR and OSR values for 921600 baud rate.


Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Ranjan