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P2P communication between an Android phone and LPC1769+PNEV512B Board

Question asked by Thi Han on Oct 6, 2017


Firstly,I have done to run the demo of NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum, I can send some text form PNEV512B broad to android phone within SNEP_CLIENT Mode and Beam a letter form Android to Reader Board then Turn On a LED in SNEP_SERVER Mode.

But I want to do the things like the scheme below:

Android app send command --> Reader Board recieve --> turn on led --> Send feedback to Android.

One more thing i want to do is after Reader board detect the P2P device and allow Beam data, the Reader Board can send the feedback without remove the phone form PNEV512B antenna.

Anyone have idea about my issue, pls help me, i really appriciate the.

Thank you guys so much.