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using external memory to save VGA format CMOS imager data, SPI or Flexbus?

Question asked by Zijian Du on Oct 6, 2017

I am trying to save VGA format CMOS imager captured image into an external memory. I am using TWRK60DN512 as my processor. The interfacing code between OV7675 (CMOS imager) and the chip followed the application note. I noticed that written in the application note it mentioned that if higher resolution is desired (like VGA format instead of QQVGA), flexbus communication should be used which seems to me that it is a parallel memory structure. While i have already developed some read and write firmware using SPI based external NOR flash memory (winbond flash memory). I am kinda of undecided right now since the manual suggest using flexbus and external MRAM while i have already spent time on the SPI external flash memory. My question is that can SPI based series external flash memory be used to store CMOS imager data, or only flexbus can do it? If both can do the job, which one is preferred and is there any application notes for both to use that can be integrated into the CMOS imager firmware so that i can store the images inside the memory?


Thank you a lot!