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i.MX7 OV5640_MIPI camera question ?

Question asked by Apollo Chang on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Eric Kang

Hi ,


We check iMX7 demo board MIPI connector pin define is not the same as i.MX6Q SabreSD board.

But base on i.MX_Linux_Release_Notes.pdf of fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.1.0-ga  version ,OV5640_MIPI already in AVL list.


Can you give me mipi camera module vender list and part number  ?



IMX6SabreSD MIPI schematic



MX7 Demo board MCIMX7Sabre demo board  MIPI Camera sch




fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.1.0-ga , i.MX_Linux_Release_Notes.pdf