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imx233 bootlet BCB

Question asked by samarjit samanta on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2017 by samarjit samanta

I am trying to boot my custom imx233 board  

I have not burnt HW_OCOTP_ROM0::SD_MBR_BOOT yet so I am using BCB. I have been trying to run with 8GB SD card. I downloaded, from!topic/rockboxplayer/CtLFCED9wWM.

I got from

Ran the below command to load onto SD card

perl ./ /dev/mmbclk0
perl ./ /dev/mmbclk0

For 8GB card I needed to modify slightly to locate boot signature correctly.

This creates a BCB which point to MBR of

After this I get HTLC<0>HTLC<0>... repeatedly. I guess it is rebooting. I am stuck at how to debug any further.


Is there a way I can use bootlets instead of using BCB? 

Or, is it better to burn the otp HW_OCOTP_ROM0::SD_MBR_BOOT to install bootlets?


Board is powered by USB and UART is used to get the logs.