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MIPI CSI2 Can not Receive Sensor Clock (IMX290 Camera)

Question asked by Mustafa Bakırcıoglu on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Mustafa Bakırcıoglu


I have been working on imx290 mipi csi2 camera driver on IMX6Q processor Wandboard Quad. I have faced with a problem. The program can start i2c communication with i2c_master_send(); function in my driver. I2C Communication output, the written number of bytes is 3 .

Right now I am getting  return value 3 from this function before it I was taking -5 (which is errno ) , so I fixed it. But  right now I am getting "mipi csi2 can not receive sensor clk" problem. I checked the D-PHY Status , it is mipi_reg =0x6F0 when we waiting to the mipi clock stabilized , it is not stabilized. When I check the mipi_csi2_get_error1(mipi_csi2_info); is 0x0. How can I check if the status is wrong or right I dont know how to calculate the value. And what could be the reason of this  "mipi csi2 can not receive sensor clock! " error. mipi_reg value and mipi_err value