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MC33907 with MPC5744P CAN issue

Question asked by sanwal saleem on Oct 5, 2017
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Hi folks,


I am working on a project which is based on MC33907 and MPC5744P. I have 3 CAN on board two are using external CAN transceivers and one is using built in CAN transceiver in SBC(MC33907). I am having problems with CAN in SBC. 

CAN TX signal is arriving at SBC PIN but RX is always high  and there is not output on CANH & CANL. SBC is working fine i have double checked all the voltages. CAN0 of MPC5744P is connected with SBC CAN. 


Following things i have tried so far but no luck:

1. Connected CAN0 Signals to CAN1 external transceiver and it works fine. So problem is in SBC

2. Resistance between CANH and CANL is almost 120R which is good and i also checked or short with either ground or supply and there is no short.

3. I checked for the short on CAN TX and RX of SBC and there is no short.


I can see data on CANTX from MCU but CANRX is always high.

I really need help here, i am trying to solve this issue from last 3 days and no success.