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How we can reduce the power consumption at the NT3H2111?

Question asked by Matthias Schwark on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Kan_Li
  • Do you know, if the NT3H2111 has a power down mode, if the Vcc-Pin will get permanently a voltage (p.ex. in our case 3.0V)?
  • Is the power consumption at 3.0V Vcc allways the max. 240uA, also if the clocking pulse I2C is inactive (not toggled)?
  • If we like to reduce the power consumption, then we should switch off the Vcc also?
  • The FD-output should have a Pull-up resistor. Why? Is it not an open-collector output? If not, is a Pull-down resistor possible also?
  • If we switch off the Vcc, what is the right voltage on Pull-ups on the FD, SDA and SCL? Is it a risk, if the NT3H2111 witout Voltage, that the voltage will come over the Pull-ups?
  • Do you have a FCCID for the NT3H2111? The customer can’t find anything in the datasheet.

Do you have an appnote about possible power down modes with these chipset? If yes, please share it with me. Thanks.