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TWR-KV58F220M Debug with Segger J-Link problems

Question asked by Andrea Canepa on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Andrea Canepa

The TWR-KV58F220M card works well in debugging using its USB port with PE Micro OpenSDA.

I connect the J-Link interface to the demo board connector (J13) after removing the jumpers (J19 and J20) to send firmware to the board. I can not communicate J-Link with MKV58 installed on the demo board.

If I use J-Flash Lite, press ERASE button, after a few seconds I get the following:

If I use J-Link Commander, I can connect to the MKV58 without errors:

But if I try to reset the microcontroller, I get an error:

I have also tried to select other reset modes (RSetType) but the result is always the same.

The HALT and GO commands work fine, in fact, the CPU stops and then restarts without errors:

The ERASE command (from J-Link Commander), work fine and after the memory is erased:

If I send my file ".bin" to the CPU with the "loadfile" command I get this warning:

but in fact nothing has been loaded inside the CPU, in fact my program does not work.

Perhaps this problem can be caused by the protection to flash writing / reading?
So I use the "unLock Kinetis" command to unlock my cpu, and everything is done correctly:

If I send my file ".bin" to the CPU with the "loadfile" now the messages are:

Obviously the program has not been loaded into CPU memory, in fact it does not work.


I also connected the J-Link directly to a microprocessor MKV58 welded on other lab card and I was able to communicate using SWD, so I do not think the problem is in J-Link. The only difference between the two tests is that when I connect J-Link to the TWR card I have to use the "Cortex-M 19 pin adapter", instead for connecting to the direct MKV58 I used the standard 20-pin flat cable without adapter.
If anyone has had experience of using J-Link with this demo board and can give me some advice I'm grateful to.

Best regards