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Why I can not change the value of a peripheral registry in Debug?

Question asked by Andrea Canepa on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Andrea Canepa

With MCUXpresso IDE 10.0.0 and board TWR_KV58F220M, Debugging with PEmicro OpenSDA.

I'm in debug mode, I have stopped the cpu.

In the "Peripheral +" window I select a peripheral (for example, UART0), immediately in the "Memory" window all the registers associated with that peripheral appear with the ability to SEE the values of those registers.

I select a register (for example UART0_C1[PT]), on the right side I see "Value_0": ok it's the register value.

I click on "Value_0" and the selection of possible values appears, I select "Value_1" to change the value of that register from 0 to 1: immediately the register closes but the value does not change. If I control the log value, it has remained as "Value_0" previously.

In MCUXpresso how can I change the value of registers during debugging?