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"max11801_ts 1-0048: FIFO_RD_AUX_MSB read fails" IMX6Q

Question asked by Giray Kt on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by Giray Kt

Hello all.

I am working on an imx6qsabresd board. While I am booting the device,  the console adding the "max11801_ts 1-0048: FIFO_RD_AUX_MSB read fails" message continuously. It is annoying and hard to use the console because of this error. I did a research about this error. The touchscreen driver which is controlled by using I2C is causing this error. Hence, I want to disable the I2C in device tree to avoid this error. (I am open to try your own solutions, I have doubts about this solution) However, I couldn't accomplish that.  If you help me, I will be more than happy.


Many thanks.