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Changing MCU From Example Project MCUExpresso

Question asked by Matt Lang on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Carlos_Mendoza

I have the LPCXpresso54608 Dev board. I want to take on the my projects I made for the dev board to port it to my final MCU. My final target MCU is the LPC54605J512ET180. I read that you can go into the Project Properties in MCU Settings and change the target MCU. I did this and made the memory regions as I want them for the final project. But what else do I need to change?


In C/C++ Build->Settings->Preprocessor, it has defines for the CPU_LPC54608J512ET180 MCU. Which is very similar. This is for the Debug and Release build configurations. But I'm assuming I need to change all these to my target LPC54605J512ET180 correct? Is there anything else I need to change?