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where are the parts?

Question asked by eric jensen on Oct 3, 2017
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I'm posting here because Sales@NXP doesn't know, and as suggested I submitted a support ticket and they don't know or can't say.  The question is....


where are the parts?


we designed in a K64 in 100QFP (MK64FN1M0VLL12) and there's no availability.   Apparently the part is early in its 10 year life cycle, but NXP for some reason can't tell me if they are planning to produce these any time soon.  Why the secrecy?  What's the holdup?  Do merger woes have you down, NXP?  I guess you can tell i'm frustrated, but after a long development cycle you don't want to find you can't buy a $10 microcontroller until maybe some time 4 months from now.