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Does u-boot for i.mx6sx support multi-file image booting?

Question asked by Ryan Wilkins on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Ryan Wilkins

I have a custom board based on i.mx6sx that is booting and working okay using zImage, but I'd like to be able to boot the system using a uImage multi-image file that contains the kernel, DTB, and rootfs.  I am able to boot another custom board based on the Armada 380 CPU using a multi-image file and u-boot finds the three images and boots the board properly.  Creating the multi-image file for the i.mx6sx, I cannot boot the board at all.  u-boot shows that uImage contains three separate images (kernel, DTB, rootfs).  Booting just sits at "Starting kernel ..."


My u-boot version is U-Boot 2014.04-00208-g1bf45e6 (Aug 18 2017 - 15:42:09)

My kernel version is 3.14.52-06608-ge37ae47


Can anyone tell me if u-boot multi-image file booting is supported on the i.mx6sx or how to get it working?



Ryan Wilkins