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JN5179 RSSI issue with SKY66112 PA

Discussion created by Hitesh Gambhava on Oct 2, 2017
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We are using SKY66112 - PA with JN5179 chipset for Antenna diversity features. We are not able to exact match GPIO connection between SKY and JN5179 as per reference M16 module.


RFTX and RFRX connected on DIO3 and DIO2 of JN5179 respectively as per JN-UG-3118 application note, with this configuration we are facing the issue of poor RSSI value with "JN5179_001_M16_FCC" module configuration. When we stand alone configure SKY66112 in receive mode then we get good RSSI value.


Pinconfiguration between JN5179 and SKY66112

1. CRX ---> DIO2

2. CTX ---> DIO3

3. CSD ---> DIO17

4. CHL ----> DIO18

5. ANT_SEL ---> DIO1

6. CPS ---->DIO15


Please let us know what could be the exact configuration for M16 module with HP Tx and Rx_LNA mode OR share if you have any steps to configure M16 module for above GPIO settings.


Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.