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i.MX7D: boot into secondary boot image of uboot

Question asked by Vishal Thanki on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hello Everyone,

I am working on i.MX7D based custom platform with secure boot enabled. We use u-boot as bootloader which is flashed on NAND. I see that u-boot is also stored in a secondary NAND area (secondary bootstream) when flashed using "kobs-ng" utility. Based on this, I have following questions:

  1. Can I force to u-boot to boot from secondary boot-stream (either boot-stream 0 or 1)?
    • In Technical Reference Manual document, I see that PERSIST_SECONDARY_BOOT (SRC_GPR10[30]) can be used to select from which bootstream to use. However, value of PERSIST_SECONDARY_BOOT bit is preserved only across SW reset.
  2. I change the value to PERSIST_SECONDARY_BOOT bit (from 0 to 1, to force booting from boot-stream 1) from u-boot prompt using following command, is it correct?
    • # mw.l 0x30390098 0x40000000
    • I noticed that after running this command, if I run "reset" command on u-boot, it still boots from boot-stream 0. Can you please point out what am I doing wrong?
  3. According to TRM section
    • If during primary image read there is a page with a number of errors higher than ECC can
      correct, the boot ROM will turn on PERSIST_SECONDARY_BOOT bit and perform
      SW reset (After SW reset, secondary image is used).

  • I try to force the above situation by writing garbage data to 1st page of boot-stream 0 (i.e. at offset 0x00200000). Now I expect the Boot ROM to set the PERSIST_SECONDARY_BOOT and perform SW reset, but that does not happen and the device just does not boot. I have to use serial downloader to make the device bootable again.