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X-IMXEBOOKDC4 black image turning grey

Question asked by arsadhusain momin on Oct 2, 2017
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I'm using i.MX7Dual SABRE board with X-IMXEBOOKDC4 daughter board for 6" e-ink display that came with it.


I'm experimenting with different mxc_fb_test codes.

I'm having an issue with the e-ink display.


I've attached my code and photograph of the display for better understanding of what I'm doing.


I'm drawing and black square of 100x100 pixels in each frame starting from the top of the display.

I'm incrementing the x and y positions in the loop, and partially updating the only area to which the square is drawn.


As you can see in the image,

The newly drawn square images are black, but the older image on the top of the display start turning grey, even though I'm not updating them.


How is the image update on the bottom area of the display, effecting the pigments on the top, which is totally different area of the display?

This is happening regardless of whatever waveform I use for the update.

Is it the problem with the display? Or is it the firmware? Or my code?

Please refer to my code attached below and help asap.


Thank you.

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