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NT3H1101 in battery powered applications

Question asked by Sander Vermin on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by Sander Vermin

I'am looking in to using the NT3H1101/NT3H1201 chip in a battery powered application, where everything is in deep sleep and there are just a few wake-up's each day. We aim for 10 years product life on non-rechargeable battery's, so we have a very small power budget.


We would like to wake the cpu with the NT3H1101/NT3H1201 from the rf side so we can transfer some date, the Vout pin seems to be suitable for this. But the supply current is to high for our application, the data sheet states 155 uA, from our measurements we see the same figures. With the Vcc disconnected we still see the device draining power via the I2C pull-up resistors.


Is there a way to disable/shutdown the I2C interface so we can prevent the power drain via the pull-up resistors?