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p1011 software restart(reboot) problem

Question asked by xu peng on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by xu peng

    Now I want to realize software restart function() in my system.

    According to the user manual:

    "Software may request a hard reset by setting a bit in a
    global utilities register; see Reset control register (GUTS_RSTCR)."

    So I did this:

    #define GUTS_RSTCR 0xE00B0
    #define HRESET_REQ 1/* Hardware reset request */
    *(volatile unsigned int *)(CCSRBAR + GUTS_RSTCR) = (1 << HRESET_REQ);



    As described above,My system did not reboot.What steps did I omit?

    if anyone konws,please tell me!