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How to develop applications on LS1021ATSN

Question asked by Atsushi Sato on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Vladimir Oltean

I bought a LS1021ATSN board and it's TSN demo is working well. For the next step, I'd like to develop some applications run on OpenIL(LS1021A) which read/write date from/to some i2c devices. Since this is the first time I touch NXP devices and OpenIL, I've no idea how can I develop such applications and how to deploy it. I couldn't find any C compilers but I found python on the OpenIL, and tried to access i2c gyroscope from python script. However, the python script couldn't get the same data as pre-installed "i2cget" could.


What's the easiest way to develop such simple applications run on OpenIL?

How can I install "gcc" or bunch of python modules on to the OpenIL? (easy_install fails with SSL error when trying to install modules)