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56F8346/CodeWarrior8/ProcessorExpert/ - Problem in SPI and I/O pin using GPIO_E

Discussion created by Fernando Silva on Sep 19, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by Pascal Irrle
Hi all,
I have great problem with SPI0 in processor 56F8346. In my hardware, i used  the SPI0 (I/O's: GPIOE6_MISO0; GPIOE5_MOSI0; GPIOE4_SCLK0 ) it's default configuration of Processor Expert to SPI0.
The Data pin and Clock Pin are ok! Starter and finished in same time (osciloscope). the problem is that I use pin 116 as a CS (chip Select), I can easily monitor this as a pin I / O, one moment as 3v3 (PutVal(true) function or SetRegBit(GPIO_E_DR, D10)) other moment as 0v0, with the same functions or macros.
Now when using the following example code:
CS_ETH_PutVal(FALSE);  //CS as LOWSPI__SendChar(0x03);   //Function fo Processor Expert for write dataCS_ETH_PutVal(TRUE);   //End of Write, pin 116 GPIO_E_D10 as High

The pin 116 is never 0v0, never LOW. The SPI clock impossible that the I/O is Low and ever High.
And thus form can not enable my Ethernet chip in my hardware. What's problem? Help-me please.