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SPI interface of the MMA5224KW

Question asked by Jens Donckers on Sep 28, 2017

Is there someone who has experience with the SPI Interface of the MMA5224 (or simular) acceleration sensor?


I want to try to program the sensor through this interface with an Arduino. When I send the SPI DPM Entry command, there is no problem. The response is the same as defined in the datasheet.


But when I want to try other commands, the sensor gives a response, but not what it supposed to be.

For example, when I try to send the Register Pointer Write command (“010011PX A7 -> A0”) I get the following response: for every address: “10110000 00000000”. In the data sheet, this answer is defined as an DPM Entry Locked Out.

Same thing for the Register Pointer Read command (“01000000 00000000”), the response is always “10111000 00000000”.


My theory is that the sensor will immediately exit the SPI DPM mode after entering it. Does someone know what I’ am doing wrong or what I forget?