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Programming Flash with .mot

Question asked by whoam on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Lukas Zadrapa



I'm trying to get behind the sequence of Flash programming over JTAG. The ECU is a 5775K.

I'm flashing with Lauterbach the following .mot record:


S2 14 F9C000 47524D5354524D0000801511AA5AA555 62


The Signal Analyzer shows the following TDI/TDO Values:


  1. TDI 0x010  --> Access to CPU Scan Register (write)
    TD0 0x209
  2. TDI 0x0000040253DD0000FFFFC0000000000000F9C00
    TDO 0x0000000270600000FFFFC004000000000000000
  3. TDI 0x311 --> Execute IR an no Register selected
    TDO 0x209 
  4. TDI 0x211 -->no Register selected
    TDO 0x201
  5. TDI 0x27F --> Bypass register
    TDO 0x209
  6. TDI 0x210 --> Access CPU scan Register (read)
    TDO 0x209
  7. TDI 0x00 (all 192 bits)
    TDO 0x0000000270600000FFFFC004000000000000000047524D53


My question is about the bold parts. What command is 53DD0000? Is it e_lwz?

And the part which confuses me the most is the last TDO. The desired address is selected with the 2.TDI and after that the value which should be written to this address is now in TDO. Can anyone explain this to me? If the Data would be in TDI everything would be clear, but this part I don't get..



Maybe someone can help me



Thanks in advance