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Starting out with K64F and Processor Expert

Question asked by rob pell on Sep 28, 2017



I am fairly new to using Processor Expert within KDS IDE and I have spent a few days searching through the documentation to find answers to a few questions so maybe this community might be able to help me. I am intending to make a bootloader which will allow me to re-flash the K64F chip via an ethernet interface.


(I think) I start by adding the components I require for my project i.e. flash, Ethernet components etc and then press on generate PE code. This in turn initialises all of the components I have added to the project, with any additional properties configured on the component inspector (in my case I modified the flash size so that I can link my bootloader to that area later on).  I need to then protect the area within flash where the bootloader will live. One way I have seen this done is by doing it in the component inspector view before generating the PE code. In my case I cant see this as an option so I am thinking I should do this by code using the "FlashSetProtection" call to set this. Where should I do this? I was thinking that I should do this in the section of code where my flash component is initialised?


So maybe someone might be able to explain:

1. If I cannot set initial properties through the PE component inspector view where should I set this in code? 

2. In which folder/file of my project would I find information such as memory allocation and whether areas are protected?

3. Later on I will want to use the the MQX rtos component and again I want to know where, in the generated code, my task list and priorities will be stored.


I think in general I am just not fully understanding how the generation of component code from PE is saved in the file structure of my project. Any examples or explanation to help my understanding of this will be very helpful.