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why the sequence of defined variable is not different from the map file on s32ds?

Question asked by jinshuai xu on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by stanish

hellow ,friends

        develop environment: s32ds 

        use chip:  S32K144

        in project ,l define variable as below:

__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t SCRSys_DataVerH_C;
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t SCRSys_DataVerM_C;
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t SCRSys_DataVerL_C;
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t ExhTemp_tDSTrans_CUR[18];
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t TnkTemp_tTransAxis_CUR[26];
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t TnkTemp_tTrans_CUR[26];
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t TnkLvl_lTransAxis_CUR[17];
__attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) uint16_t TnkLvl_lTrans_CUR[17];



             but in map file ,the sequence of the variable address is opposite, l want the sequence of the variable address is the same as the define variable, how to set it on s32ds


             in project map file

.SRAM1 0x1fffb000 0xda ./Sources/test.o
0x1fffb000 TnkLvl_lTrans_CUR
0x1fffb024 TnkLvl_lTransAxis_CUR
0x1fffb048 TnkTemp_tTrans_CUR
0x1fffb07c TnkTemp_tTransAxis_CUR
0x1fffb0b0 ExhTemp_tDSTrans_CUR
0x1fffb0d4 SCRSys_DataVerL_C
0x1fffb0d6 SCRSys_DataVerM_C
0x1fffb0d8 SCRSys_DataVerH_C
0x1fffb0dc . = ALIGN (0x4)

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