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i.MX6ULL USB_OTG2 ROM loader

Question asked by chris321 on Sep 26, 2017
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according to the i.mx6ULL reference manual it is possible to use both USB OTG ports for ROM loading purposes.


Is the USB_OTG_ID pin analyzed by the ROM?

I want to use the USB_OTG2 port for manufacturing a custom board and after that it should be in host mode.


I plan to use the following pads for the muxable USB signals:

usb_otg2_id -->GPIO1_IO05

usb_otg2_oc --> SD1_DATA2

usb_otg2_pwr -->SD1_DATA1


I have a reference kit (compute module + base board) on my desk.

Is it possible to force the ROM loader to use the USB_OTG2 interface somehow?