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MPC5644A_0M14X Errata - Erratum e3659 Flash Erase Suspend/Resume

Question asked by andrea mocci on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by andrea mocci

Hi all,

I am working both with MPC5642A (ECU target) and with MPC5444A (Demo board target) and I am using a callback during flash erase operation like this:


uint8_T resumeState;
uint8_T suspendState;
uint8_T suspendFlag = TRUE;
/* Try to suspend the current erase operation */
((pFLASHSUSPEND)FuncPointerSuspend)(&ssdConfig_BK0A0,&suspendState, &suspendFlag);
if(suspendFlag == FALSE)





I have no problems with ECU target, whereas I notice that using EVB target, erase operations exit with failures

Could this problem be related to the erratum ID e3659? what kind of workaround could be implemenented (to be honest, one described in the Errata is not enough clear/simple for me, expecially about "erase timeout").


Any suggestion would be very appreciated!


Best regards,


Andrea Mocci