Nabendu Maiti

Framebuffer and stackoverflow on M5475evb

Discussion created by Nabendu Maiti on Sep 19, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by Tom Thompson

I was trying LTIB on m5475evb. every thing working fine but while checking the frame buffer
i got proper output at display but the kernel crashes (stack overflow??) as given below.
Did anyone faced such problem?

May be it is the one of the reason that I am not able to run Nano-X on the board..

BUG kmalloc-128: Not a valid slab page

INFO: Slab 0x003eb8c0 used=124061552 fp=0x07200732 flags=0x7320772
Stack from 031cbd80:
       <0> 07200732<0> 031cbe14<0> 0006a7ec<0> 003eb8c0<0> 0034c21a<0> 002f3000<0> 031cbdac<0> 00000064
       <0> 002f3015<0> 031cbe28<0> 00000040<0> 4e6f7420<0> 61207661<0> 6c696420<0> 736c6162<0> 20706167
       <0> 6500821c<0> 031cbe38<0> 00076f0e<0> 000801d0<0> 028142e8<0> 00390088<0> 000849b4<0> 03006530
       <0> 00390200<0> 031cbe24<0> 00000000<0> 0280acac<0> 0007821c<0> 00078e42<0> 030064d0<0> 03048000
       <0> 00000001<0> 00000004<0> 003eb8c0<0> 0034c21a<0> 031cbe28<0> 0034c21a<0> 0006a970<0> 0034c21a
       <0> 003eb8c0<0> 002f3000<0> 0006bf02<0> 0034c21a<0> 003eb8c0<0> 00002000<0> 000080d0<0> 00000004
Call Trace:
       <0> [<0006c2ea>]<0> [<00070c6a>]<0> [<000709bc>]<0> [<00070c6a>]
       <0> [<0007a196>]<0> [<0007a28a>]<0> [<0007a548>]<0> [<000234f4>]
       <0> [<00028020>]<0> [<00024db8>]<0> [<0006e23e>]<0> [<000836f0>]
       <0> [<0006de74>]<0> [<0006e2b4>]<0> [<0006e336>]<0> [<00023c5e>]