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Need help selecting the right Kinetis V micro

Question asked by James Morash on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Philip Drake

I'm interested in developing a new custom board for position control of a brushless direct drive servo motor. It looks like the easiest path forward is using the Kinetis V microcontroller series and the KMS firmware library, but I am looking for a bit of advice before diving in.


Our existing system largely consists of a CAN network of Kinetis K10 microcontrollers, with dual bank Flash swap support to facilitate over-the-wire firmware updates. At the moment we are controlling a couple of brushless actuators with third party off-the-shelf motor drive modules. Each third party module is "hosted" by a custom board with a K10 running our firmware, which handles communication to/from the vehicle CAN bus.


I would like to redesign this board to eliminate the third party module and use a Kinetis V for motion control - it must therefore have support for CAN bus and flash swap. Looks like I can get CAN in the V1x or V4x parts, but what about flash swap? Unclear from the reference manuals. Otherwise, all we need this board to do is position control of a single axis of motion, so the M0+ product line is probably fine in terms of processor speed...?


Which of the numerous FRDM boards is the right one to purchase these days for getting started with motor control firmware? It seems like some of them are obsolete and there are several different software library options and varying IDE requirements... All our other work is in KDS, no experience with IAR at the moment.