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Cannot find Quadrature driver example

Question asked by Pedro Correa de Castro on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Robin_Shen



I am using KDS3.2 and KSDK 1.3 with KMS and I need a quadrature driver in order to measure thevelocity of a wheel. There is no examples in KSDK 1.3 examples' folders and the qei_sys.h,created by KMS, is a little bit confusing yet. So, is there any examples regarding quadrature encoders?



If not, regarding qei_sys.h generated by KMS. I have some doubts:
1)  in function: void QEIS_init(uint16_t qeiMaxPosCount){


      /* set the maximum count value equal to (4 * encoderLines) - 1 */
      FTM_HAL_SetMod(FTM_ENCODER_BASE, qeiMaxPosCount);



What do you mean by encoder lines?


2) The function:

uint16_t QEIS_readPositionCounter(void)

return FTM_HAL_GetCounter(FTM_ENCODER_BASE);



gives me a position counter, that does not represent velocity.


How can I obtain the velocity from this API?


Thanks in advance!