DEVKIT-MPC57xx Makefiles

Discussion created by jfrey on Sep 25, 2017

Build DEVKIT-MPC57xx binaries without ever having to touch Eclipse. Modeled after the Arduino Makefile project.


GitHub - jed-frey/DEVKIT-Makefile: Makefiles for NXP's DEVKIT-MPC57xx boards. 



  • Allows you to use any IDE or source code editor you wish (vim, emacs, Notepad++). 
  • Almost compiles all DEVKIT-MPC5744P examples before S32DS is done with the splash screen.
  • Doesn't use 2GB of RAM.
  • Integrates with opensda_flasher.
  • Jenkins builds.




1. Add a minimal Makefile to your project. Define the MCU & Path to the downloaded repository

MCU:=MPC5744P  E200MK_DIR:=C:/nxp/DEVKIT-Makefile-master include ${E200MK_DIR}/include.mk

2. Run make to build .elf, .hex, .bin & .s19 files.

3. [Optional] Run make flash to flash to a development board.